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I am a Junior, majoring in I/O psychology and minoring in Management Information Systems. I eventually want to do IT project management hence the major in I/O but I also want to have that tech background hence the MIS. I am looking at Systems Administrator for my job before ITPM because I need experience. That being said what sorts of certifications are feasible to get in the next year before I graduate college to make myself more marketable in the job market after graduation? I do have some experience with networks.


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    It's good that your looking to get some experience before you move into project mgmt. For starters, you probably want to be a little more specific as far as "what" experience you have with "networks" and where you want to go with System Administration. If you want to get into Microsoft, then start by learning Windows Vista, 7, or Server 2003/2008, and take some classes on that if you can while your still in school. Also getting your A+ and N+ will help you in the long run.

    A lot of times before you get into System Administration, you need to start with those Help Desk type jobs to get your "feet wet", once you get some experience there, and more certs under your belt, you can move into System Administration. Like I said, try and take some extra classes to get more SA experience under your belt before you graduate. You'll be a lot better off before you start doing certs.
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