OSPF and Bandwidth

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I have been playing with OSPF on packet tracer.
My confusion comes with the bandwidth command.

I set up 4 routers in a square using serial links.

( ) ( )

I left all the bandwidths as the defalt 1544kbps
But then changed B's perceived bandwidth on its connection to D to 64kbps. (via the bandwidth command)
So B thinks its connection to D is 64kbps and D thinks it connection to B is 1544kbps.

Now my confusion is that since OSPF is a link state protocol, the routers will all share their LSA's and this will allow them to build a topological map. But how will C and A deal with the difference in information from D and B.

As B will advertise the link as 64 but D will advertise the link as 1544

As I said before I tried this on packet tracer and it seems that A trusted B and had a very high metric and C trusted D and had a very low metric.

Is this right? Does anyone know why C seemed to trust D and A seemed to trust B?
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