Best Way To Study For CEH

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Hi all,

I have been inactive on the certification front for some time due to excessive Drupal developing and security testing, but I was wondering what the best way is to prepare for this exam. I have been in the industrial security arena for about 2.5-3 years now as a product/security tester and I also do a lot of server maintenance/web devel for PHP driven websites. What is the best way to study for this exam and what materials do you recommend?



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    Dynamik posted some great tips that I used to pass the CEH as well. One tip I will add to his thread is to make sure to understand what is going within the phases, and how to counter each one. Without giving away anything on the test I would say that you would do well to grab a copy of the outline (link below) and make sure to have a solid mastery of Modules 1 - 26. I used the both the Krutz and Graves books for material, a virtual lab environment (various distributions from Windows, Linux, etc), and the CBT material provided to me by school.

    EC-Council | Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures Course Outline
    CCIE Sec: Starting Nov 11
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    Great guys, I just ordered the Sybex/Wiley book and the prep to get started by Ronald K.

    Yeah I understand what you mean when truly understanding a questions target - what it really means. Most questions are decent to follow albeit some confusion on most certifications.
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    Dear down77,
    can you share the virtual lab with me?
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    Check this site:

    They have some challenges and real server to attack.
    Stop RDP Brute Force Attack with our RDP Firewall :
    It is your personal IPS to stop the attack.

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    Hack This Site! can be fun too if you're bored.
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    Yes, I checked it the other day.
    Stop RDP Brute Force Attack with our RDP Firewall :
    It is your personal IPS to stop the attack.

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