Do the 601/602 and 701/702 differ that much?

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I'll be finishing up my A+ class soon and will probably be ready to take the exam in about two weeks. Unfortunately, the Cisco curriculum which I am using doesn't offer the 701/702 versions yet. Infact, we are the final class that will use the old curriculum before they upgrade. When I started we were told that we could still take the old exams once we finish the course, but it seems that CompTia has already retired the exams in the US. So aside from operating systems used in the curriculum, I was curious as to how much the exams differ and if I should just go for the 701/702 with the old material. Also, is it possible that I could call up CompTia and explain my situation and they could possibly allow me to take the older exam?


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    The difference isn't that much. Just compare the two objectives and make small list of what you need to watch out for. I studied for the 6's but 2 weeks before the exam I decided it would be better to have the 7's. I just made a 10 page document with things that had been added and then googled it.

    Good luck!
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    Know a site that has the official objectives of 601/602 from CompTia? I looked on their site under the previous versions area, but it only gives a description of the exams and not the objectives.
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    Go to and either go to Download Exam Objectives
    or go to Getting ready for the test -> Download exam objectives.
    There you enter a name and email to get access to all the objectives for any Comptia exam.

    good luck!
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