Finally! Training Advertisement with Realistic Expectations

ClaymooreClaymoore Nidhoggr, the Net SerpentMember Posts: 1,637
I have been laughing at all those 'Attend our courses - get a job making $50k a year!' ads from the various training companies for years. One local radio station has a producer/DJ who regularly advertises for one of the training companies here and he finally got this one right.

The ad was touting their flexible scheduling and mentioned that you can attend classes while you work at Best Buy installing car stereos. Then, after a few short weeks, you can get certified and move up to Geek Squad!

No false promises of making easy money in a field with high demand, just honest expectations of getting started in a new field.

(And nothing against any of the companies involved. I take exams at one of the offices of this training company, I listen to that radio station regularly, and I used to work at Best Buy.)


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