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hi guy i am new to this site. this site is so helpful in self studying.. i used to study N+ long time ago...
but i passed today with 713 (i know i am so lazy)
my test was tougher than i expected...
let me give y ou guys a little bit of feed back..
1. OSI model -- very easy, starightforward...
2. port number-- easy.. straightforward..
3. scenario--- huh... pretty much hard..
4. ip,dns dhcp win tcp/ip---- related to scenario (i hate it), but
several questions on these were pretty much easy..(staight forward)
5. some weird questions(in my opinion)-- hopefully not scored..
6. TOPOLOGY(related to diagram-- a lot of questions)

what bothered me most during the test was the test room was so freezing(i am not kidding,,,,), plus a lot of questions had diagrams related to topology. my first 20 question was pretty much tough(scenario - based)- i forgot to check diagram(cause i never heard of it) and also forgot to select one more anwer. fortunately, i reviewed the questions... and got it!)

here is tip(in my opinion)
1.please check the diagram and dont fortet to select 2or 3 answer when you are asked to...
2.some of the questions might be dummy, which means those are not scored...
so if you bump into totally unfamilliar quetions(you gotta be sure), just..you know.... bang...
3. if scenario questions include DHCP, dns, win pay attention and try to remember your knowledge on it...(it could give you hint to answer)
4some straight forward questions are tricky,like mixed spellings

i studied N+
with all in one n+ by mike meyers
and technotes

well my next cert might be security +
which text book do u recommend? (i am pretty much used to all in one series any one know about all in one securtiy +?)


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    Congrats on the pass!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    lkh312lkh312 Member Posts: 38 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks I wish we had smart phone at the time I passed Netowrk + ..
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    I was studying for this one, but backed out. I've kinda been wondering which direction I should go with thenext cert I want. CISSP is up there since I have Sec+ already. 
    Do you have a lot of hands on experience in networking?
    Certifications: A+ Sec+ isc(2) CC Google Cybersecurity Certification 2024 Goals: Pass the Network+ Exam
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,048 Admin
    Note that this thread was started 19 years ago when Network+ was Version 2 or 3. Network+ is now Version 8 and is quite a bit more difficult.
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