SQL2008 70-450 Resources

GagHalfruntGagHalfrunt Member Posts: 81 ■■□□□□□□□□
I'm currently an MCTS in SQL2005 and thought it best to upgrade to SQL2008 but go all the way to an MCITP. I've booked both exams already (70-432 in a few weeks and 70-450 in early June).

I've been reading the 70-432 MS Press book and other than a few new features nothing seems mind boggingly difficult which is odd as I found 70-431 tough going although that may have been because I was only using SQL2000 at the time. I hope I'm not being too arrogant with it!

My bigger concern is the 70-450 - I find it odd that there's no MS Press book and resources seem a little thin. I've added the Learning Plan off the MS site, but is there anything else you'd advise I look into once I get to the Pro exam?


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