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If I have two internal BGP group, 1 is to setup IBGP between RRs and 2 is for client, If I will export static route in one group is not getting advertise to other group and if I will export static route on top(global) then it gets advertise to all IBGP peer, so bit confuse on that rule. Is it like same as nighbor with route-map statement on cisco router but here in juniper you are grouping the same profile of neighbor and advertising?


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    First why would you expect routes redistubuted into one IBGP group to be readvertised into another IBGP group? That would break the loop advoidence mechanism of an IBGP neighbor not accepting route advertisments from another IBGP neighbor.

    So really you have two options, apply the export policy at the global BGP level once, or apply the export policy at the group level for each group. The first is less work but I'd still recommend applying it at the group level as to not accidently apply this export policy to future BGP groups that you create.

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  • dwater2010dwater2010 Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I got it finally thanks...
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