SS7 and General voip question

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So I was watching the CBT Nuggets for 642 436 today and just wanted to see if this is true...

Let's say that I want to start a phone company.

I would probably run ISDN q.139 or Qsiq signaling between myself and my large customers (Some are VOIP (ISDN PRI or T1 CAS/CCS FXO & FXS signaling) and others PBX (Qsiq or T1 CAS/CCS FXO & FXS))?

To provide long distance to my customers I could purchase a SS7 link from ATT and Frontier communications and depending on who is cheaper would route my customers using SS7 to them?

SS7 defines layers 1 through 7 so I can use an internet connection (VDSL) to connect the logical SS7 portion?

Or do I need to be in physical proximity to ATT/Frontier to get a cable run to my new telco that plugs into an adapter on say a 5800 series cisco router that supports SS7?

Btw, VoIP is the coolest thing ever!

ATT & Frontier are just telco's I know about and I am just asking these things hypothetically.
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