VWIC-1MFT-T1 question

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Ok from what I understand the difference between a regular WIC-T1 and this one is the ability to support T1 dso channels that use fxo/fxs signaling right?

So if I have an Adtran Atlas 550 with the 2 T1 PRI card. Can I configure fxo/fxs signaling on my VWIC-1MFT-T1's (Each one in a different 2621xm router connected to the Adtran) and expect to route phone calls between routers over the adtran T1?
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    The short answer is yes – That card will let you run a voiceT-1 circuit (CAS or CCS/PRI). You’ll need to make sure that you have the appropriate DSP resources in the host router to use it for voice though.
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    Can't speak for the AdTran specifically as I used a router to simulate the PSTN, but it is possible to configure an intermediate device to route calls through. As a first step, you could connect the 2 2621xm's via an E1/T1 cross-over. I configured my E1/T1s as PRI, but DS0 should work equally as well.
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    2621xm's via an E1/T1 cross-over
    I am a bit new to this part. Is that an RJ-48 crossover cable?

    When I did the CCNA (ISDN version) in school they always said you needed a T1 router that provided clocking and I just got the Adtran because it was cheap ($50) because I thought I needed it.

    So the T1 cross-over would go from the 2621xm's T1 csudsu card to the Intermediary T1 router (Adtran in my case)?
    appropriate DSP resources in the host router

    Both of the 2621xm's have the NM-2V that has 4 DSP chips in it. I admit I don't understand why the intermediary would or wouldn't need DSP resources. I guess you only need the DSP's when you go from digital or IP based to Analogue and back again.

    The Adtran has an 8fxs bank, but I guess if it were doing 2621xm--FXO-->AdtranFXS-->FXO--2621xm there is signal conversion from digital to analogue and back again, but the intermediary device is all analogue.

    This is what confuses me...

    Does your intermediary router (Adtran or other) need anything special to handle an analogue signaling T1 (fxs/fxo signaling) as opposed to digital T1 data line signaling?

    I don't have a good feeling about this stuff I feel to really understand it I have to go way outside the scope of the CVOICE exam topics.
    Struggling through the re-certification process after 2 years of no OJT for the CCNP.
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