Passed 70-297 - Got my MCSE!

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I know I haven't posted much on TE since I started 291/293 last year, but I've been plugging away. It's been quite a roller coaster/whirlwind the last year when I kicked it up a notch, and I have to say, it's a great sense of accomplishment to finally finish something I started over 7 years ago (but that's my fault for slacking off!)

2003 (June): 70-210
2008 (Jan): 70-290
2009 (Apr): 70-291
2009 (Aug): 70-293
2009 (Dec): 70-236
2010 (Mar): 70-294
2010 (May): 70-297

Everyone here has been a great help, it's great to get other's opinions on what to focus on as we deal with such a wide range of topics.

Getting to the specifics, for 297 I was a bit nervous because some said it was tougher in comparison to 298. I did very well on 294 though (and not so well on 293 - barely passed) so I figured I would stay in the same frame of mind.

The biggest thing was overcoming not the material, but my own lack of reading comprehension. I tend to read too quick and miss out on details, so I had to train myself a bit to really focus on what I was given. Taking advice from some on the board, I read through the case study relatively quick, and hit the questions right away - knowing the questions up front was a great help as it helped to identify just where to grab the info you needed from case study.

It's a bit of a blur, but I think there was about 7 case studies. 6 of them had a 22 minute time limit and around 8 questions, and the last one had only 5 questions and a 15 minute time limit.

Lots on top level OU creation, asking how many domains/forests required, DNS security and placement, GC and FSMO placement, as well as some NT4 migrations (what to upgrade, creating necessary trusts, etc). Lots of questions on replication, as well as a bunch on IAS/RADIUS. Know your MS-CHAP v2, EAP-TLS, and when to use a CA, etc.

I'm very glad it's done so I can take a break - I've already booked a course for the 2008 upgrade later in September, so it will be nice to finally get away from the NT4 migration stuff :)

Good luck to anyone else starting or near the finish line for this path - it's a great feeling of accomplishment once you're done!


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