Confused on Net+ or CCNA

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Hey All,

I'm kinda confused on which exam to take my Net+ or CCNA. There is a CCNA course that I can take it's located in my area. I do not have any experience on Cisco routers or switches so i'm kinda scared I will not understand it. I was thinking getting my Net+ than my CCNA. Any input would be appreciated i'm lost lol.


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    Go ahead and take the class if you want to learn it. Just because your taking a CCNA class doesn't mean you can't get your Net+. Your CCNA class should teach you most of what the Net+ will test on. Do a little outside reading and you will be set.
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    The Network+ is a good place to start if you have no experience with networking. Then some of the concepts that are covered at the beginning of the CCNA will be review from your Network+ studies -- and your CCNA studies will reinforce that knowledge.

    Starting with the Network+ also reduces some of the "shock factor" of starting out with the CCNA. Since the last changes to the CCNA, the pace has been picked up and less time is allocated to studying the "network trivia."

    If the cost of the Network+ exam (and study materials) is a factor, then it is possible to skip it and head straight to the CCNA -- but you'll have to be motivated and dedicated to make up any knowledge gap. Something that might have been covered in depth and at a leisurely pace in the Network+ is going to be thrown at you fast and furious when studying for the CCNA.
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    Is the Net+ easier than CCNA or is it if you can pass the net+ you should be able to pass CCNA or are they like 2 totally different tests.
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    They are two different tests. And btw, the difficulty of Net+ is no way near CCNA.
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    Yeah, we like to use Knwminus' Law. It states CCNA=Network+^9.
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