RUP folder not being created

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Hello Everyone

I created a Profile folder on my share. For permissions i gave everyone full control. For ntfs permissions i gave the users full control.

For each user account under the profile tab i gave the following profile path:


I then log on to a client machine using an account that i had created a profile path for. I make some changes to the desktop, start-up menu etc and then log off. When i check the Profiles folder on the server no profile is created for the user, his personal profile folder isn't created.

When i check the user profile on the client machine it marks the user as local and not roaming.

I have checked and doubled checked the path listing and everything seems to be in order. This is above me, help please.


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    So the folder is shared, and the share is configured full control everyone. Then your NTFS is set up for full control to creator/owner. Is that correct?

    If yes, change the ntfs to everyone. Actually, just to be more secure, why not use authenticated users. What I think is happening that you as administrator have full control since you created the folder, but the user does not. When the individual profile folder is created by the system (upon first login/logoff) it should be created with full control to creator / owner. Also make sure that the client is able to navigate to that folder by typing the [URL="file://\\server01\Profiles"]\\server01\Profiles[/URL] at the run line.
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    Yes the CREATOR OWNER have full control and the user can navigate to the Profiles folder on the server.
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    You need to have all authenticated users have read and write permissions to the profiles folder (on both the share and on ntfs). Do not create any of the actual folders that will hold the profile information, the system will do this is for you.
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    Thanks, this works.
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