Power light on Tower is solid Red

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I stopped by a friends house and his girlfriends computer wont even come on.
The light in the front is a solid Red. Nothing on the screen and the machine doesnt seem to be making any "Normal Running Novice" fan, etc.

Off hand I told him that it sounded like a Power Supply Issue; and that it may need to be replaced. If not that- next I would look at the motherboard.

I told him I would switch out the Power Supply to see if that would correct the problem.
Anyone have any other type of advise on this issue? icon_idea.gif
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    WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    I think this might have several causes. A completely defect hard disk may have the same result, a burned CPU also... Check the manual of the mainboard or PC, try disconnecting several devices, remove cards, and see if it boots with a minimum amount of hardware.
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    Phil3021Phil3021 Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□
    First thing I would check is the AC outlet, are you getting power ? Also the power lead to the PC it could have a break in it. Then i would open the case and check if any connections have come off eg; P1 connector if ATX or P8 and P9 connector if AT. If it is an ATX check the remote swith wire connected to the motherboard. It is labeled remote SW with out this your system will not boot. If none of that helped then i would start to pull things apart. I'd try to run the system at minimum ( cpu, video, ram ) to see if i could get a memory test out of it. If that didn't work then i'd try change the power supply for a known working one. I think by the time you get to this stage you would have solved the problem. Considering you cannot even here the fan on the powersupply working i would have to say it would be a powersupply problem, but then again nothing suprises me anymore when it comes to PCs.

    Can you let us know what the problem was?
    Good luck with it.
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