Passed Network+ today with 820! Whew!

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I passed Network+ 2009 today with 820! I spent about 2 months studying practically daily. I read Mike Meyers Passport book and used Transcender practice exams, which I was averaging 90-100 consistently over the last two weeks.


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    Congrats on the new cert!
    You really need to go into user cp and under details type in the certs you have. You put in a lot of work so show them off.
    What's up next?
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    Congrats! Don't forget to update your cert list. Oh and enjoy your weekend!
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    Thanks. Also thanks for the tip - I just went in and updated my list. I am taking a Computer Forensics course summer semester, but will begin studying for Security+ right away.
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    Crongrats, I hope I have the samy success when I take the test.
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    awesome bro! i'm taking mine in abt two weeks... any pointers on what they'll throw at ya?
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    Nice I just passed mine today and got the same score. Congrats
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