Passed RHCE!

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Today I completed my RHCE test and passed with flying colours! Thanks to my employer (they paid for it) I enrolled in the RHCE fast track course (5 days of training followed by the test). There were 10 other people in the training but most did not even achieve the RHCT. I only found out about the test/training a week before, so I did some serious cram studying.

The test itself was more straightforward then I thought it would be. However, I ran into a whole bunch of problems and even though I was sweating buckets, managed to gather my wits and complete all the tasks. It was a nice change from multiple choice tests like the LPIC.

To study I used the McGraw Hill book and the Redhat provided training guides/teaching.

Anyways, time to enjoy a beer :)


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    Congrats. How long have you been using/working with linux?
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    How much do the self-study materials help in terms of exam preparation? I may or may not take a shot at this, but I definitely won't be able to take the actual course.
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    I've been working with linux for about 6 years (not long compared with some people). But I work for a virtualization company and support all kinds of linux virtual machines on a daily basis.

    The McGraw book was excellent for the RHCT questions. However, if you look at the redhat prep guide it shows that RHCE's need to work with linux services. The training I received by Redhat and the self-study book they provided outlined. exactly what they expected for the RHCE part. Without the book/training, I probably would not have passed.
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    Congradulations Sunshine! Well done! Now you can corner your boss and ask for a raise icon_thumright.gif
    Have you had a chance to chat with other candidates with whom you attended the course what are their sysadmin backgrounds and expirience with Red Hat/Linux in general? You say that many of them didn't make it even through the RHCT although they attended the course, I wonder what happened...
    Did you mean Jang's RHCE book when reffered to McGraw book? I have it and occasionally flip through some chapters but that material looks pretty dated...
    Congradulations again! This was no small feat!
    P.S. I feel I need to break out of multiple choice- fill in the blanks questions as well and would like the next test to be hands on. But hey, at least LPIC questions are straight forward and you don't have to dig through a clumsily presented scenario to figure out what are you tested on.
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    I probably should have been more clear. Redhat came to my company and provided the training/test inhouse. Al of the people that took the training I work with. A couple were only linux novices (why they were asked to take the training I'm not sure) but the rest were ex linux admins, gurus etc.

    The book I used for the RHCT part was "RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide (Exam RH302), Fifth Edition". But like I said, the study guide provided by Redhat was the most helpful.
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    no easy feat congrats
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    Congrats man.
    well done on such a short notice.
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    Congrats! The tab was paid by the employer...that's awesome!
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    Cong, cong

    Today I got my exam results so here's to join that group of people
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    congrats. outstanding achievement :)
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    Hi Sunshine,

    Is the book that Red Hat provided you in the class by Jason Hall? It's a blue cover and titled "RHCE - RH302, Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam".

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    Congrats! That must have been some test.
    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
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    Hi Sunshine,

    Is the book that Red Hat provided you in the class by Jason Hall? It's a blue cover and titled "RHCE - RH302, Red Hat Certified Engineer Exam".


    Technically not allowed to answer your question per NDA, but I can tell you Red Hat makes their own training materials.
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