Export ibgp policy in ibgp as well as c-ebgp

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All, export ibgp policy in case of confederation. In JNCIP book 192.168.X.0/24 static route is configured on all router. Now for example on R3 it will have static route of Now R3 has ibgp to R1 and c-ebgp to R5, so export ibgp policy will be configured under ibgp and c-ebgp group configuration under BGP configuration?

Same thing with RR configuration, R1 will be client of R3 RR, R3 will have IBGP session to R5. Now "export ibgp" will be configured under client-ibgp and ibgp group both correct?

If that is the case then local static route matched with "ibgp" policy can be configured under global bgp in order to avoid configuration under ibpg and c-ebgp and client-ibgp? Please guide me.


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    You are right... It can be configured under the global rule.. But now for the sake of argument... isn't ebgp also configured later on... Now if you have it in global.. it would get exported to the ebgp group aswel. .. So for clarity sake it's best to do it in each group...
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    So I can say this is the same way as defining route-map and then use it with neighbor statement in case of Cisco where you will configure to advertise routes to specific neighbor and not to all neighbor, correct?
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