What job type is this for?

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This is probably a stupid question, but someone who gets an ITIL certification can get a job as a ______ ? ...like a CCNA would get a network admin type, a RHCE a Linux admin type job, etc.

Is this purely for management?

(I know the cert != automatically qualified for the job)


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    It doesn't so much qualify you for a specific position, as it shows an employer who is using ITIL processes that you know how it works and thus, can function well within their environment.

    Wait around and I'm sure our resident expert, eMeS, will have a much better answer.
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    eMeS is the one to defer to on this but Change Manger and Risk Manager are titles that you will see fairly regularly in want ads. They will often require ITIL. IT Operations managers and a growing number of IT positions are starting to require these certs. Largely only a Foundations level is required. The cert alone won't get you any job. You will need experience to go with it. Then again, these aren't entry level jobs that are asking for the cert either.
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    ITIL Foundations just shows that you are familiar with the language, it qualifies you to work on other ITIL certs, but is useful for any aspect of IT that you work in. Once you start working on the Intermediate level ITIL certs you will start to see some different specializations in the area of IT Service Management.

    Hope that helps, if not eMeS will show up eventually. He can't seem to help himself. ;)
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    Can be a lot of areas. Especially roles with management type responsibilities.
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