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Still working my way through CIPT1 so I'm not sure if I haven't reached the right section yet. But in a single or multi site deployment is it possible to set the external number mask on a DN range instead of an individual DN basis?

Site 1: DN range 1xxx DID range 92571xxx
Site 2: DN range 2xxx DID range 93542xxx

I know I could use BAT after the event and update things, but can it be set beforehand.


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    yeah, BAT will make that easy!

    You can also set the calling party transform mask in the Route Pattern. Chances are you're going to have a full route plan setup for each location (in seperate partitions of course) so it’ll work there too.
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    doh!... of course... thanks for the reminder.
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    .. Read up on Number Globalization and Localization...
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