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On Page 216 of JNCIP book, they have used the RIP import policy "rip-in" so it is used to only accept the RIP routes on that router to avoid loop? But that we can achieve by writing export policy in OSPF too? only match RIP routes and advertise it in OSPF rather than writing rip-in policy.


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    What if you have to aggregate and not send the whole rip routes into OSPF??

    The case study has you export 10.0.5/24 to DC.. on R6 and R7 this is with a preference of 150 already(initially redistributed @ R1/R2)... you export this to DC and DC sends this back to R6 or R7...with preference of 100... and now R6 or R7 prefer this RIP rather than the OSPF external route received... This is why we have Rip-in policy for avoiding loop...
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  • dwater2010dwater2010 Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hoogen thanks for quick reply. Got the clear idea on it. Thanks
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