my 2610xm router write protected huh?

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I keep getting this I have

it says I have 50331644 Isnt that like 50 mb for an image in flash?
i mean 50,331,644 bytes right? so that is 50 million bytes so 50 MBright?
or am i tired and not reading it right?

my 2610xm doesnt have a flash slot in the front it is an older one
but it says it is write protected? is there a command or somthing to look
for inside the casing? thanks

%Error: System flash write protected
%Error: System flash write protected
%Error: System flash write protected
%Error: System flash write protected
%Error: System flash write protected
%Error: System flash write protected
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...NOT erased


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    Do you have another working flash module that you could try? I had the same problem in a 2611XM and replacing the flash did the trick.
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    What is the register on your router? I had an issues like that with a new router I purchased (seller did not know anything about the router). All I did was boot into rommon and changed the register to normal and it worked like a charm and has been for about 4 weeks now. :) Just a suggestion.
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    thanks guys I was afraid of that..thank God I looked on ebay and flash
    mem is cheap.

    yeah I think it is my flash module

    I had it at config-reg 0x2101 changed it to 0x2102 and nothing
    same thing

    my gut says it is the chip oh well. I am trying to get all my routers
    on an IOS image that has ipv6 unicast-routing feature since
    I think in the next 2 years we are going to see ISPs provide more options.

    thank you for you help you guys are super.

    ebay here I come! hahahhaha ;)
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