Callmanager 7 password recovery?

TrifidwTrifidw Senior MemberMember Posts: 281

I set up a callmanager 7.0.1 server at home several months ago and can't remember my username/password for the web interface nor can I find my documentation for what I set up either...

I am successfully logged in to the console. I believe the command to reset the username and password is as below:

Make sure that the user is added to the End User Group.

Log in to Cisco Unified Communications Manager by using Secure Shell (SSH). Then, reset the username and password for your web Admin GUI using these commands:

utils reset_ui_administrator_name

utils reset_ui_administrator_password

but I can't find how to add a user to the End User Group in CLI - and fear you are not able to?

Anyone able to offer some help? Or is it a case of needing to reinstall.. icon_sad.gif


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