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I am currently pursuing a Computer Info Technology degree from a local University and have just completed a required course in Computer Servicing I and II and need to take the CompTia A+ exams before I can be admitted to the program. I am planning on taking the 2009 A+ certification exams in June or July and was wondering if anyone who has taken the exams had suggestions on how best I could prepare for them. The text book that we used was "Maintaining & Repairing PCs, Concepts and Practice, 5th ed." I have heard that it is not a good resource for preparing for the exams. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    For me, the best, and really only tool I used was Transcender. From the sounds of it, we are mostly in the same boat. We each learned material through classes and hands on experience and now it is just time to learn the way CompTIA wants their questions answered. Sometimes half of the battle of a cert test can just be knowing how the examiner wants you to answer. A CompTIA test and a Microsoft test can have the same question with different answers.

    EDIT: I used a few other resources when preparing, mostly online or through friends.
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    I would say pickup the ExamCram for the A+ 2009. I found it to be a great resource for review after taking my college's computer repair/A+ class.
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    i used the exam cram and sybex a+ complete exclusively for both tests. the exam cram doesn't give everything you'll need for the practical portion but it does lay out the basic information in an easy to read manner. read both books and drill the sample exams until you get 90+ every time and you should be good to go! the sybex practice exams do have some blatant errors, but the fact that you can catch them should attest to your readiness. i read both books in the course of 2 weeks, took the essentials immediately after i finished reading the sybex book. i passed on the first try. i reviewed the books again and took the practical a week later and passed that too. good luck!
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