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Does anyone else here feel a little inadequate or even slow when using one of the MS Press books and it estimates the time of a lesson to be say 70 minutes and you're having to reread it after 1-1/2 hours already to get a better understanding of the material?
That's where I'm at now with my 70-642 studies. The chapters on IP SEC and I've been on it since last night taking notes, rereading, answering end of chapter questions. Does anyone "get" the material in that suggested timeline MS gives?
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    Haha, I sure don't. I try not to read stuff over and over again though. Usually if I am uncomfortable with a chapter or don't do well on the end of chapter review. I will make a note and read the chapter later on. If I try to read stuff over and over trying to beat it in I just end up getting frustrated.
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    Beleive it or not, it is good for you when the lesson doesn't work out. Makes it more memerable for you. Instead of just following a recipe, you are trying things and researching. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft intentionally leaves holes to make you figure it out. Other times, I remember that it is Microsoft after all.
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    It was like that for me in the beginning but when you have read a few MS Press books, and gotten a better grasp of all the common MS material you use a fraction of the time proposed for the lessons. Especially when going through the MCSE track, there is a lot of overlap between the books there.
    Now 70 min become 15 min.
    Good luck.
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