Motherboard form factors

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Hi everyone, I read on motherboard form factors and watched two videos on them. Question is what are the key points to know about the motherboard form factors?
Do we need to know or memorize the dimensions of each form factor? Just curious cause it seemed easier then i thought it would be but now i am thinking when i am taking the test it will ask dimensions or something that will totally throw me off.
I know atx mainly everything is at a perpendicular. atx Micro less expansion slots, conmpatible with atx cases. Btx is more of a cooler aiflow board, it did not last long but the engineering behind it is still in use, cpu is at 45 degree angle, expansion slots are parallel with memory slots. NLX has a riser card, not compatible with atx power supplies or cases. Micro Btx small and still popular today. Pico btx very small, one expansion slot, still popular today.
Does this sound like there is more to it then what i just posted?


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    This is very similar to your previous question.

    It's fairly straight forward, if the item appears on the objectives, the candidate needs to be familiar with the item.

    The members here cannot answer 'what' types of questions you'll see, any more then they can say if something specific may appear or not. Please stop asking for that sort of information.

    If NLX is still appearing on the objectives, then it would be in your interest to be familiar with what makes a board a NLX board and not an AT or ATX.

    The texts that are written for these objectives (Meyers and Sybex for example) provide the type of information a candidate would want to be familiar with to prepare for the exam.

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    Dimensions are important since that is often what classifies them. Other things to note could be why to choose one type of board over another.

    Like Plantwiz said, there are some nice books out there that should be able to help you with this.

    Good luck on your exam.
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