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What is the needed materials for ONT? Can GNS3 be enough just like in ISCW where 90% can be done with GNS3 (like sdm etc etc). I know that wireless topic in ONT will be tough as its hard/cant be done using gns3 alone, how about the VOIP part?

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  • billscott92787billscott92787 Member Posts: 933
    From everything I have seen in the ONT book, which I finished reading about 3-4 weeks ago. Everything can be done in GS3. It's mainly dealing with QoS, NBAR, etc. Building queue policies, classes, setting up policing. This all can be done virtually. It's mainly all memorization from what I have seen so far with the ONT exam.
  • warquezhowarquezho Member Posts: 21 ■□□□□□□□□□
    so base on what you said, all can be done in gns3 when studying ont... how about what are the things that cannot be done in gns3 when studying ont? i know that some wireless stuff can't, and what else? also how can we study those that gns3 cant provide? does using a real equipment that necessary?
  • billscott92787billscott92787 Member Posts: 933
    Memorization is the technique that most individuals use for the wireless stuff. I will probably be taking my ONT June 5th. I'm giving Cisco till June 1st to release the results for TSHOOT beta like they "said" they would release them. Which I doubt they do. So, I'll see how it goes on ONT. :D
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