Mount points

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I understand a mount point to be able to access a piece of hardware or data from another part of the computer. For example a DVD ROM from the C drive. What circumstances would you warrant this? icon_confused.gif

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    This is particular useful if you want to extend the available disk space for a folder on one disk with space from a new disk. I.e. when you run an application that uses a lot of disk space by placing temporary files in a folder c:\application\temp and the disk is running out of space and you don't want, or can't, move the application to a separate drive, and you don't want to create a spanned volume by extending the first disk (ie. when you are not using Dynamic Disks, or just don't like spanned volumes because they don't provide fault tolerance) you can use a mount point to mount a new disk to the c:\application\temp folder. The application will still use the c:\application\temp path but the files will be physically stored on the new disk.
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