DHCP Server on Cisco 2950/2960 Switch

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I am bit confused on this Please correct me if i am wrong as per my understanding we can use a L2 switch as a dhcp server.

Please give your view.
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    yes, you are correct a 2950 can act as a dhcp-server. This is a service and has nothing to do with routing or switching. It will serve ip addresses to clients. Just because you can doesn't mean you should ;)

    On my 2950
    ALS1#sh run | be dhcp
    ip dhcp pool TEST

    ALS1#sh run int fa0/7
    interface FastEthernet0/7
    switchport access vlan 199
    switchport mode access

    ALS1#sh run int vlan199
    interface Vlan199
    ip address
    no ip route-cache

    On my 3550
    DLS1#sh run int fa0/7

    interface FastEthernet0/7
    no switchport
    ip address dhcp

    DLS1#sh ip int br | i DHCP
    FastEthernet0/7 YES DHCP up up
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