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I am currently studying for my associates in computer technology/networking and have some interest in taking the network plus exam. From what information I could gather, is it normal for the test to be 200$? Wow, thats a lot of money. As mentioned, I have been studying it for about a year now, and I do fairly well on practice tests. I feel with some concentrated studying I could pass the exam. Can someone tell me how many questions there are the test? or at least a ball park figure? I have heard 40, then I see that alot of the preactice tests have 80 or more... I konw there is something, somewhere, that says how much youare allowed to say about the exam. Is that one of those things? It would help to know how many questions are usually on the exam. Another question is, how does the grading, or point system work? I have read posts that people who have taken the exam have posted, saying passed with 780 or whatever. How do they get 780? and whats the minimum you need to get to pass percentage wise? 80%?, 70%?
All nervousness aside, I really think I have a chance a passing it.
anyway, any insite is greatly appreciated!!!
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    Unless you check places (search this site [General] for info) that give discounts, then you WILL pay the CompTIA full-price (THEY set the $$) of $207. You should get A+ also - or does your school give these tests at the end?

    They get 646-840+ (whatever it is) (remember SAT? they go to 1600) by their own methods. You will get 70 to 90 questions (mine was set at 72 -- maybe they all are) and need to have better than 70% (or 75%) to pass.

    If you can pass the online test version here, you will probably pass. I saw questions unlike anything I have seen on any practice test, but if you have a lot of NT experience you may know what they are looking for (I have some 95,98, limited 2000 experience, no NT, & intro to netware).

    Get the SE version here - more practice test real cheap. Pretty good explainations. Check out Mac addressing or Netware addressing specific stuff on other sites if you feel you want more. If you have a Meyers book (good for Windows info only in my opinion, & he has a few big errors) and this site & others you should pass.

    As for specific test questions, they are not allowed on this site.
    Good Luck :D
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