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I have my Associates in IT and haven't been able to find a job in my field. I was thinking since I haven't been able to use my Networking skills in a while and if purchasing a windows home server PC would be a good thing for me to practice until i get a level entry job in networking?


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    A home server PC is probably not what you need. You would be better off using virtualbox or virtual PC and getting an eval copy of server 2k3 or 2k8 to practice off of. Work on some more certs in the meantime (Net+,Sec+, MCDST)
    EDIT you can get eval copy of server 2003 with the MS Press self paced training kit, don't know where you can find eval of server 2008, 2008-R2 eval is available but to run in Virtual your pace must support virtualization and be 64 bit. There's a eval version of Windows 7 enterprise edition available.
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    Agreed, home server won't be found anywhere in a business enviornment. You need to practice the real thing. Consider learning more about what you are interested in and get a certification that shows you are good at it. This will help you get a job.
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    jubi2386jubi2386 Member Posts: 9 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks, i do have the trail version of windows 2003, but at the moment i dont have any towers to install it on only a spair laptop and the specs dont do the software justice, so that i can get some hands on with, i'll probably just build a test PC for it and then use the other PC's in the house to network on.
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    DAVID QDAVID Q Member Posts: 25 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Same here I have been out of work going on three years sense 2007 . I worked 8 years for a company which is non related to It field doing basic clerical work. But before that I worked in IT through Temping. I need work myself and I am now back in school trying to earn and associates degree in IT with a concentration in computer networking

    But to the individual who posted this blog I maybe able to give you a few pointers and strategies if you SHOOT BACK A REPLY. I have few strategies On how to get a foot in the door when in comes to IT Jobs. Although its been sense 1997 sense I have worked in IT and many things may have changed sense then especially in todays present job market because of the current high rate of un-employment and jobless situation going on in this country at this time. but for you I may have a few tricks up my sleeve that still may work.

    So shoot back a rely, because like they SAY YOU CAN LEARN A LOT FROM A DUMMY . Although Im not a dummy but you get the figure of speech.
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    rogue2shadowrogue2shadow Member Posts: 1,501 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I'm not sure the terms of Microsoft Dreamspark (graduate vs. current student), but if you have a college email address thats still active you can download full versions of Windows Server for free (2003, 2008R2, and 2008 standard) as well as other software.
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