A+ certified but need help!

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Hi guys!
I just got a+ cert and I am working on net+ but I wanted to find a job as a pc tech so I can get some experience but I dont know where to look for it.I have been trying in internet but they say you need experience but how can I get experience if I dont get a job,does anybody know a way how to find a job or can anyone tell me how can I find a volenteer job for some time,if anyone knows any adrees or website please can you tell me.[/img]


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    where are you situated?
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    the old catch 22. firstly your exams will help and well done on getting them. secondly try your skills whenever you can; friends, workers etc and be confident with working with other peoples machines. If you have computers at work start by trying to trouble shooting the printer problems; this shouldn't offend an IT department but gets you involved.

    Keep applying for jobs selling your new skills 'at my last company I managed the printers' 'what did that involve? ' we had 3 laserjet 5's which were accessed through TCP/IP ports.....'

    This may the employer will know a) you've worked with commercial equipment and b) he can expand the conversation onto areas you may not have covered but would like to.

    good luck (and when you do get a job lookout for the paperwork involved)
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