BCMSN on 7/23

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After passing my CCNA five weeks ago I have now set my focus on BCMSN.

I have my test scheduled for Friday, the 23rd of July which would allow me to take a second shot before BCMSN goes away.

I will be reading through the BCMSN Student Guide that I got from a friend who attended the training lately and I will also be watching the CBT Nuggets for this exam. Aside from that I will check out the configs on our switches in the office and datacenter to make use of the new stuff and get it to stick in my head icon_smile.gif

Eight weeks is probably a tough schedule (especially with the World Cup starting in less then three weeks) but I definitely want to get BCMSN out of the way. I will give myself more time for BSCI and especially TSHOOT icon_smile.gif
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    Yeah that is a pretty quick study time, but good luck anyway!

    Careful with practicing new things in a production enviornment. I break stuff enough in my home lab.
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    Eight weeks isn't a tough schedule if you spend the right amount of time preparing. I studied for eight weeks when preparing for my BCMSN and passed on the 1st try back in December 09' which was two months after passing my CCNA. I would give yourself about 3-6 months to study for "ROUTE" which will be the exam you will take since BSCI goes away at the end of July. BSCI was definitely A LOT more difficult than the BCMSN. BCMSN wasn't easy, but I personally don't think it was as hard as the BSCI. TSHOOT, I'm still waiting on my beta results so can't say much there.
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