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Hello all,

Which study materials are best for this exam? For the last exam I followed the Syngress book for the 293 because I heard the MS book was dry. Now before diving in and start reading I wanted to know should I use the MS book this time or stick with Syngress (if they have one for this test)? I might also use CBTNuggets if the material is good as well and to follow some labs for myself. And Transcender for practice tests


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    Super99Super99 Member Posts: 274
    I took the 294 before I took the 291. Even though its not required to take 291 before 294, its still a good idea to take the 291 before the 294.
    For the 294 I'd recommend the 294 MSPress Self Paced book and Transcender.

    What do you recommed for the 291 since I'm studying for it now????
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    RomBUSRomBUS Member Posts: 699 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Ok cool thanks for your advice

    From my experience with the 291, I only used Transcender for taking practice (because I had the work experience for it) tests but I heard the CBTNuggets for 291 is really good
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