JNCIE-M scheduled now...

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For Sep 24. I guarantee I'll be harassing some of you IE types here on this one... I will have the CoS, VPNs, Policy Framework, and MPLS Applications configuration guides printed and bound. I'm wondering if any of the feature guides would be good too?

Derick Winkworth
CCIE #15672 (R&S, SP), JNCIE-M #721
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    Great going man icon_smile.gif wish you all the best :)
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hasan Rauf
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    planning to take it in September too. hope date are still available
  • ccie15672ccie15672 Member Posts: 92 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I did take this exam back in September and sort of got my butt kicked. Rescheduling for January. The frustrating part is I figured "it" out, but it was too late. I couldn't type fast enough after that.. I ran out of time.

    My opinion is that this exam is the hardest lab exam I've taken to date. Mind you I've taken three lab exams (CCIE RS, SP, and JNCIP-M) and passed all of them on the first attempt using the same self-study methods. Well, almost the same study methods. I didn't use any third-party materials for preparation this time. In this case the only vendor I am aware of is Proteus. I should have purchased a pair of practice exams from them.

    I think the available materials (AVPN Student Guide and the JNCIE book) just aren't enough to prepare you for what you are going to run into. In fact, I've been through that JNCIE book several times since then and I just don't think this book is very useful relative to the exam. Definitely not worth purchasing at the price its going for on Amazon.
    Derick Winkworth
    CCIE #15672 (R&S, SP), JNCIE-M #721
    Chasing: CCIE Sec, CCSA (Checkpoint)
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    Well that's a bummer... But I am sure you would get it done next time in Jan...
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