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We have a class B that is used for our core network. I have noticed most of the subnets do not appear in the OSPF database, but there is an entry for the class B itself, lets call it

From a remote router I can do a 'sh ip route' and see network and its next hop, but it does not appear when you run 'sh ip ospf database'. If there a way to trace this and figure out the advertising router ID?


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    Show ip ospf database [LSA type] [prefix] should get you what you need.
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    sh ip ospf database router | inc (10.11.212| Adv)

    This will print all the Advertising routers and the network Just find the line that contains the advertising router immediately above the line that contains the network, and you have your answer.
    Advertising Router:
    Advertising Router:
    (Link ID) Network/subnet number:
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