Need help choosing elective for MCSA

Going for MCSA and hopefully onto MCSE or MCITP.

I passed 70-270, so I have 3 exams left for MCSA. I know 70-290 and 70-291, but my elective is where I'm stuck.

Should I take 70-620, 70-680, or go for MCDST (70-271 and 70-272) as my elective? Or are there any others to suggest?

I'm currently not working, so I don't know out in the workforce what's mainly out there OS wise or server OS wise. When I worked last year, I remember mostly everyone was on XP and Server 2003. OS wise, I didn't really have anyone working with Vista and Windows 7 didn't come out at that time. For servers, 2008 was just coming out to some companies I had supported.

Thanks in advance.


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    TechnitoTechnito Member Posts: 152
    I'd go for 70-680. Vista will soon be a thing of the past and probably won't be that beneficial to you. I wouldn't bother with getting your MCDST either because mainstream support for XP is going away this year. And by that time most companies will start upgrading to Windows 7. The good thing with 70-680 is it counts as an elective for MCSA/E as well as MCITP: SA/EA, if you decide to go that route. But if you want to stay in a desktop support role then you could take the Windows 7 exam 70-685 and earn your MCITP: EDST, which will carry more weight than a MCDST ever will. Hope that helps.
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    fly2dwfly2dw Member Posts: 122 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Yes I agree with the above post. Out of the certifications you have suggested Windows 7 looks like the best way to go!

    The 70-680 is geared towards working in an enterprise environment and will help you learn deployment and image building as well as the OS. 70-620 was more focused on using Vista at home. It had parts about setting up Vista as a media center and restricting your kids from logging on at 22:00 past their bed time etc (However it did seem to cover more of the new built in apps than 70-680 did, which makes sense if you think about it. 70-680 covered more of the apps that are used in conjunction with Server 2008 such as Direct Access and Branch Cache etc, rather that the calendar and snipping tool).

    You will get a lot more out of 70-680 than 70-620 from a learning perspective, and for giving you the skills for the real world.

    I wouldn't bother with the MCDST (70-271 - 70-272) as soon as you have done them you will want to take 70-680 anyway.
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    Tyrant1919Tyrant1919 Member Posts: 519 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I would go for security+ if I were you. If you get it done before the new year, you'll have it for life without any worries of renewing it.
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    DevilsbaneDevilsbane Member Posts: 4,214 ■■■■■■■■□□
    All good answers. Personally I am using A+/Net+, but I will be getting the Security+ later this year and upgrading to MCSA:S. But also if you use 680, you can boast that you have a current os cert to go with your xp cert.

    As for the comment made above about MCDST. It is 2 tests so it will cost you more. But from the people that I have spoke with who have taken the test, and with the practice questions I have taken, it is a realativly easy test. (Considering the obsitcles you have overcome). To correct Technito, Support ends for service pack 2 this year. Service pack 3 will continue to be supported for a few more years. Companies are behind the times anyway, mine is just finally upgrading to service pack 3.

    I don't think any of the options on this page would be a bad route to take. Pick the one that will benefit you the most. If you were planning on getting the CompTIA certifications this year while they are still good for like, then it just makes sense to use them as your elective.
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