OS test next week

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is a good way to study,, print out the objectives then study each one by one untill you know each one , thats what im am doing,, does anyone else do this too or is that another way>


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    That is one way. I always reference the objectives to make sure I understand each one. But, I usually follow a standard book plan, depending on whcih ever book I'm reading for whichever cert.
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    I don't see why it wouldn't work, but, in agreement with Ricka182, printed exam guides present the material in an organized manner in such a way that you also see the overlaps and interactions of the separate subjects.

    But, if a person wants to get out here on the Internet and find various sites that have legal information, including M$ site, and practice tests and study notes, like TechExams.net, and use these to "fill in the blanks" on objectives, your method should work fine.

    I do encourage you, don't ignore the experience of practicing with the actual OSs on this exam preparation. Install them and get used to using them and you should gain a good deal of material that will help you not only pass the exam, but also use on the job.

    Best of luck!
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