Odd experience with Recruiter/please read –I need advice

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I just want to know if everything happened makes any sense…. Did I do the right thing by waiting for this job, instead of giving an answer right away, saying that I want?
So I was going to see a recruiter that my teacher recommended, but I got lost before the interview and I stopped at another building to ask for directions turns out the guy I asked was a recruiter for another temp place and he wanted to see my resume ,but they don’t do entry level IT jobs, I guess they do higher end IT jobs.
Anyways I found the recruiting company, and I had to wait for someone to let me up. I waited for the recruiter I had set the interview up with, and he offered me water which I thought was weird for an interview)
He proceeded to ask what I want to do internship, full time work, part time? He also asked what I saw myself doing? I said help desk, but I mentioned I had no experience..so then he gave me questions to gauge my knowledge
The questions are similar to A+ or Network+ material He thought I answered the questions very well.
Then he said he had a job for me $9.00 an hour, just a contract job that was reimaging computers and setting them up. Deploying operating systems. It sounds like a lot for someone with no IT experience, but he said he thinks I could do it.
I asked if I can think about it , and he said to call him back in 2 hours and let him know..he was very admit about this time frame. Because he said the company was doing interviewers tomorrow for the position.
I asked him to send a job description, which he didn’t, and this job wasn’t on the recruiters website.
Then when I do call I said “I’m 90% sure on the job I just need alittle bit more time can I call you tomorrow? Can you send a job description?” He said he needed an answer today so it was 4 pm I said ok call you before 5pm, he said “ok” Also, he said he didn't have a job description, but he might be able to throw something together...ugh that just sounds weird.
I call him back and we are just about to set up an interview with the client, and he says he will get back to me with a time. I asked how he would get back to me , because he wasn’t very good at emailing me a job description. He says that he will just set something up now. So he starts looking at times, and then proceeds to tell me that they got 2 candidates already lined up for an interview. And something to the effect that it sounds like it’s between these 2 guys.
The whole experience gave me a bad feeling…are all recruiters like this? Is this the typical process?
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    brianeaglesfanbrianeaglesfan Member Posts: 130
    I've met some recruiters that are scum of the earth and some that I'd have no problem working with again. Sounds like this guy was just looking to get another warm body in the pool to increase the chances of him getting paid. I wouldn't take it personally, just know that it comes with the territory.
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    networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    I've met some recruiters that are scum of the earth and some that I'd have no problem working with again. Sounds like this guy was just looking to get another warm body in the pool to increase the chances of him getting paid. I wouldn't take it personally, just know that it comes with the territory.

    This is true. Keep in mind that the business is their customer not you.

    I don't think your situation was that bad though. If you didn't want to agree on such short terms then just say so. The guy seemed like he had a short time frame for something you might be a good fit for. Nothing wrong with saying no though.
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    brad-brad- Member Posts: 1,218
    Your situation with the recruiter wasnt too bad. Dont expect them to bend over backwards for you - someone who doesnt even work for the company, and isnt a customer. There's no telling what else is on his plate.

    Second, you cant be that wishy washy in the hirinig phase. You either need the job or you dont. He's probably going to hire someone that knows they want the job. Not someone that has to think about it, or that is mostly sure. That may or may not be fair based on your comparative skillset, but thats the way it is.
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    earweedearweed Member Posts: 5,192 ■■■■■■■■■□
    If the $9/hr was ok with you you probably should have taken it for the experience. It's probably one of those places that images a lot of used computers. You would have learned something and gotten the experience.
    It sounds like he needed someone for that position. He was pushing it because he had a time table to fill. Those jobs, as a startout could be done by someone with no experience.
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    Paul BozPaul Boz Member Posts: 2,620 ■■■■■■■■□□
    It sounds to me like your indecisiveness is what may have caused the problems. If you have no experience just do the job, who cares. For $9/hr their expectations can't be too high. Next time say you'll take anything and everything you can in the way of interviews.
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    manny355manny355 Member Posts: 134
    I'd say that your experience wasn't too out of the norm for recruiter behavior...like others have mentioned...you will not be the priority...the customer will be...so taking that into consideration this scenario isn't too bad.

    Like others have mentioned as well, if you're new to the field then experience is what you're looking for...so I would have taken the job and gotten the experience...and possible tried to get hired on as an employee of the place assuming that you liked the company.

    Next time...take the opportunity and make the most of it...at the very least you'll gain experience.
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