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I feel like this is a silly question but here goes. I am taking the 701 Essentials Exam soon. I have the COMPTIA A+ Complete Study guide. Each chapter states in the beginning whether it focuses on the objectives for exam 701 Essentials or exclusivly on 702 Practical.

I am thinking I can litterally skip the 702 Practical chapters for now, until I am ready to take that exam. I am just concerened I may miss something by not going through all the chapters even though for now I'm only taking the 701.




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    You asked for thoughts..
    From what I've heard, which makes me believe the exams haven't changed that much, questions on either test could have been on the other test. With that being said it may behoove you to study for both at same time and take them closer together. Most people have been taking them within a week of each other and some people the same day.
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    I agree with earweed. I studied for the 701 and 702 at the same time and took them exactly one week apart. 701 material helped me on the 702 and vice versa. The objectives on the CompTIA website are a key to success; it'll help you to refine what you need to know specifically for the exam because as we know the A+ course material is very broad.
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    Kinda thought so - glad I asked. Thanks!
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