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Got an interview tomorrow I believe, the recruiter is going to call back with the time. Its a REALLY REALLY REALLY good opportunity. But the pay is a tab bit on the low side. Its a 6 month contract to hire position. Here are the details:

The chosen incumbent who gets the job will start at a very entry-level position within the client company and be mentored to a very senior level Infrastructure Support professional who will gain strong skills in Windows Server Administration and Network Engineering. We are looking for somebody who wants to get a job and grow along with this small, successful and growing company. If you are; willing to work very hard and go the extra mile, be actively mentored and can commit learn the all of the ins and outs of our client’s standard operating procedures within infrastructure support, then please send us your resume. This is a truly unique opportunity for truly Junior level persons to be mentored by folks who are very strong and passionate in the PC/Networking Infrastructure Support Industry.

·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Must possess a strong desire to learn and to be mentored by the Manager including technical skills in PC hardware break fix, and technical troubleshooting by phone and in person.
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Must possess very strong customer service skills and the genuine interest to be of service to others in need of help, and make those whom you serve feel like they are being taken care of.
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Must possess a strong work ethic with the willingness to roll up your sleeves and get things done every day and not leave until the day’s work is complete.
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Must be willing to take direction and learn the standard operations for given typical situations and then execute in that fashion every time.
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Must have a very positive and outgoing attitude and personality
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]The right candidate for this position will be somebody looking to begin a very successful career within IT infrastructure support and stay working with our client for the long term, while growing and taking on increasing responsibilities and skills and learning all that ones needs to know to eventually become very strong in Server and Network Engineering LAN Administration and Support. (Our client is willing to teach the right individual all the necessary technical skills to become very strong over the course of many years)

Required Qualification or Skills:
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Must have several month of experience working with the basic of PCs – building, fixing, troubleshooting, supporting hardware and software at home or professionally or a combination of both
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Should understand basic concepts of networking (TCP/IP) set up, configure, support and troubleshoot PC connectivity.
·[FONT=&quot] [/FONT]Should have personal expectations/goals of obtaining the A+ certification, as well as the Networking + certification.

Yea might have lucked out with this one. I didn't even know about this job and a recruiter Consultis contacted me. They gave me their spiel on how they don't have a lot of job seekers and its more personal with them etc. So yea what do you guys think. Again the pay a little on the low side BUT the experience and PROPER mentoring is critical. Also I'll get to be involved in everything and isn't 100% phone support. They said I would be given many roles and they are certain they are going to get bigger and bigger as the current guy needs help now. Oh and tomorrow is my last day at my current non IT related job =P
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    Very cool man. I think that you should try to sell them on your attitude and desire to learn if you are short on the experience/certification side.

    You said the wage is low, is it livable for you?
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    knwminus wrote: »
    Very cool man. I think that you should try to sell them on your attitude and desire to learn if you are short on the experience/certification side.

    You said the wage is low, is it livable for you?

    yea good advice definitely need to really enthusiastic!! umm I THINK it's livable, like right on the edge lol (damn those credit card bills!!) but that's a whole another story
    Currently studying for 70-640 :study:
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    Sounds like a great entry level position that will get you a ton of experience. Generally the recruiters will low ball you and once you get an offer then you can go and negotiate it up a bit more. At that point they have you hired and will make them money, thats the time when they will be more than willing to work with you on the pay to increase it a bit more. If they are offering 12 a hour, tell them that you need at least 14 a hour. Usually they will bend a bit because they have enough of a margin on that job that they'll do that. And once it goes perm you can always go and negotiate your pay to be more reasonable and actually have benefits as well.
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    Based on the job description, this is the kind of place where your personality has to match theirs. That isn't to mean that you conform with them; it's kinda like a potential relationship (e.g. is she marriage material, a "put-in-the-friend" file type of woman, or just a "one-and-done" kinda thing).

    The one thing you want to ask yourself is "Can I stay here for at least three years?" For me, three years was always the magic number. Then after three years, can you see yourself advancing? If you can, stick it out, if not, then bounce.

    My whole point is, make sure it's a place you'll be happy at AND where you can and will add to your skillset. Both are important. I know jobs are scarce, but mental state of mind is just as important. No job is worth that.

    Personally, I kinda like that position. I tend to stick around until the job is done and I also have the benefit of working from home, if I need to. Production issues I usually stick around and get it done. (And I'm salaried...which means there is no overtime....but I'm ok with that. :) )

    Good luck, brother.
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