Create replica of domain in seperate network

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Working on a project at work that I have a few questions about. Was hoping someone here would have an answer.
We have a single domain forest with 2 2k3 domain controllers. One holds all FSMO roles. I have created a seperate zone off of our ASA 5510 for a test network. Security levels on the ASA ports --internal=100, test=60, external=0. What we need to do is replicate our Active Directory structure and servers into the test environment for testing/fixing issues for compliance reasons before we implement the changes on the production network.
I have installed a VM server 2003 on the production network, promoted it to DC, with Global catalog enabled, and allowed it to replicate over the weekend. I then shut down the vm, made a copy of the file and moved the copy to the test network. Restarted the DC on the production network, demoted it to member server and unjoined it from the domain.
I started the VM on a VM server in our test network, changed IP address to that of test network.
Here is where I am kind of stuck, ---what do I need to check before I seize FSMO roles and make the dc in the test network a solo dc with FSMO roles so I can begin snapshotting member servers and moving them over.
I do not want to cause any issues on the production network during or after the FSMO seizure. I have read of the problems when 2 dc's both have the same roles.
I am assuming that the firewall will cover me as long as I don't open ports for LDAP , Kerberos, etc..... but not sure what else/ if anything I need to be aware of.

Any thoughts?


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