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Hello everyone,

Im currently set to start at WGU on July 1, and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in regards to what hardware / software I may need for labbing through the books.


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    You get pretty much all the software you'll need from them (OS's/VMWare). You may want to have a good word processor like Microsoft Word. As for Hardware it probably depends on what your emphasis will be. If you're going to the Network Design and Admin/Management then later on (for the MCITP classes) you'll need a computer that's 64 bits and will handle VT. If you're Security then you have the choice of buying all the Cisco gear when studying for the CCNA or just using the virtual labs WGU supplies.
    It depends on if you're starting from scratch or if you have some of the gened stuff already done. I've used the same old computer (HP Pavillion,2GB,Pentium D) since starting. The only software I had to buy was MS Office and I'm building my own better computer for my next class coming up which will require a little more power. I'm down to 5 classes left.
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    earweed wrote: »
    I'm down to 5 classes left.

    When you did you start with your program?
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    well im down to my last 2 classses
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    Yes, im in the Network Design and Management classes, well, I will be in July. I currently do have a single 64 bit machine (2 year old quad core), but have been considering purchasing another (building) an I7 with a minimum of 6 gigs of ram. I figured that would let me do pretty much what I wanted / needed. I figured WGU offered most of the software, but just not familar with VMWare at all, and didnt know for sure what it would need.

    Is there anything in particular ill need to know about VMware, as ive never used it at all.

    Ill actually be hitting the cisco cert up at some point, even though its not within this emphasis, as ive already been through all the ccna classes, just never took the exam. I have access to several routers, and a friend I believe has a full rack of 2500s I could probably borrow / share with him, as he will probably consider finally getting his cert as well.
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    YMH wrote: »
    When you did you start with your program?
    September 2008. I haven't been blazing through like a lot of people have. I've done 18 -21 CU's a term and started out with no certs, most of my gened done except Language Arts. I also had to do Leadership and Professionalism and the Reasoning and Problem solveing class.
    I'm taking AIV1 (70-642) now and testing in 3 weeks then plan to get BHV1 (70-643) done before end of this term (Aug 31). That'll give me 27 CU this term and I'll have BIV1 (70-647) and the Capstone Project and Technical Writing left for next term.

    @tomahawkeer- you probably have enough with your old quad core until you get up to the later Server 2008 classes, which may be changed by the time you get to them. Don't rush to build that new machine as you wont need it for a while. I don't know what WGU will be covering for those classes by the time you reach them. WGU wasn't doing the MCITP:EA track until this year. By the time you get to that point MS may be offering another technology and WGU may have you do that one.
    As for your build make sure these needs are met
    Originally Posted by Hyper-Me viewpost.gif
    If you are building a Hyper-V box you only need to be worried about a handful of things.

    1. Hardware Assisted Virtualization (HAV) - Must have it on processor and mobo
    2. Data Execution Prevention (Hardware based DEP), sometimes called Execute Disable Bit. Must be supported on Mobo/CPU
    3. 64-bit processor
    4. Stay away from add-on graphics cards. Don't ask me why, they just tend to screw with Server 2008 and Hyper-V.

    As for your Cisco studies, check out the Cisco forums here.
    As far as using VMWare you have enough to use it now and if it has at least 4 GB RAM you should be fine. You wont be taking anything which will require you to use VM's until your later classes. I had never even used a VM until getting to my Client systems class (ABV1)
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    Im probably going to be in the MS classes very soon, as my gen ed classes will be waived from my AS degree, and the IT Fundamental classes ill probably knock all 3 of them out VERY early my first term. I may not hit the MS classes this term, but it wont be any later than next term, at least for the first 2.
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    Unless you really blaze it'll probably be your third term. at earliest. You'll get your first three IT Fundamentals done this term, then probably do your Proj+, Net+, and Sec+ pretty quick. You'll need to get your client class done first (70-680) Windows 7 which will probably be your first time you need to use VM's. VMWare Workstation is pretty easy to use and if you want you could even do your stuff using VirtualBox or VirtualPC.
    You'll need a dedicated box to run Hyper-V in as it doesn't run in Workstation
    But using Hyper-V wont be necessary until your third Server 2k8 class.
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    I guess its going to depend on how fast I can get through the javascript class. The Net+ and Sec+ should be pretty easy as well, not too sure about Proj+ yet, as its not as technicial as the others. I still think ill be on the OS in my 2nd term, if I bust ass hard this term. I guess its just going to depend on the java and proj+, and whether my advisor will let me push it that hard.
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    JavaScript is pretty easy, as is Proj+. JavaScript is less about actually being able to script than knowing the syntax and the history of JavaScript. Hyper-me knocked out Proj+ in just a few weeks.
    The emntors are good about letting you go as fast as you want. They'll start you out at 12 CU's and let you add as you finish classes.
    The OS (70-680) will be your first really hard test. Since WGU first started using it (FEB) I only know of one person there passing the test, several people have failed it twice. I got off easy by taking the Vista client test. Don't be lulled into complacency by the ease of the CIW and CompTIA tests, MS tests are a lot harder.
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    Oh I know they are. Ive yet to do a lot in 7 as it is, but ive been through the xp book a couple of times (several years ago), but I agree completely. The practice tests ive seen have not been near as CIW / CompTIA.
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    WGU is just now getting their stuff together as far as the windows 7 class goes. Until last week the only resource available to study it was the MS Press training kit and the exam force practice test. When you take it they'll have online expert video, skillsoft, and will probably have the windows 7 sybex book available on books 24x7 or be recommending that you buy it. The Sybex book seems to be very good for windows 7 but it skips a lot of important stuff, which you'll need to fill in using the MS Press book.
    I'm planning to take windows 7 later, I'm revising the book using the technet articles and the other resources listed on the sticky in the windows 7 forum. The MS press book is really very poorly written.
    If you really want to understand windows 7 it's probably best to revise the MS Press book while studying.
    For the 70-640 the MS Press book wasn't very well written IMO either. A lot of typos and a lot of the practices in the book are not right, so when you do these you'll learn by figuring out the books errors. You'll have IT Academy (I don't even count skillsoft as a real resource because it's very light) as your only CBT type training for the Server 2k8 courses. It would be a very good resource if not for the fact that most of the labs are unavailable.
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    This is mac friendly?
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