BCMSN in 6 days.

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Well next up is BCMSN. I am seeing a general sentiment that it is not quite as hard as the BSCI. For the record I studied for the BSCI for 9 months and passed on the second try.

I have the Cisco Press BCMSN Authorized Study Guide, Official Exam Guide, Lab Portfolio, and CCNA Wireless Book. Most important I have daily flash card reviews with Transcender and self made flash cards with Anki. (http://ichi2.net/anki/)

So far I feel like I am learning very little, although I don't mind reading up on switching. I support a pretty big network of 2950/3550/3750/4500/6500 switches and most of the reading is a review, unlike the BSCI, which had my head spinning with BGP and Multicast concepts.

I appreciate anyone sharing their reaction to the BCMSN test, especially if you have already passed BSCI. (While honoring NDA of course.) Also what study strategies did you use compared to the BSCI?
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    The consensus appears to be that the BCMSN is easier!!! With the experience you have and network that you currently administer, you shouldn't have any problems. I haven't taken the BCMSN as of yet... but I've been reviewing the material... looks pretty straight forward. Good luck!!

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    Although I'm studying for SWITCH, I have both books and they are almost identical. There are even parts of the book that are 100% rehashed.

    It is very very easy to be honest with you, eventhough I haven't taken the test. LOL!!!!

    Half the book is just plain old switching topics that you've read in CCNA. The only hard parts for me are some new topics like wireless, VOIP and QOS. That's really just about it.

    Not even the chapters on campus lan are hard....

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    BCMSN is far easier than BSCI, but don't underestiamte it! Time management is key on this exam.
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