Voucher Question?

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I had originally had my exam scheduled for Friday May 21st but do to a death in the family I had to scrap that plan and I pushed it back to this Friday. I haven't had time to study in the last two weeks so I rescheduled the exam again to June 14th. Now the voucher I had originally used to schedule the exam the first time expires on June 10th but the vue site let me reschedule my exam past that date. Will I be out of luck on exam day or will I be fine as I essentially cashed in the voucher back on the 15th of May?

If anyone has an answer I would be greatful. I'm worried I may have to write it before the 10th which may be a tad rushed.
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  • tierstentiersten Member Posts: 4,505
    According to the terms and conditions, you're supposed to take the actual test by the date written on the voucher and you're not able to extend them. I'm unsure what would happen if you turn up on the day since it is past the expiry. You'll have to ask VUE customer support.
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