Passed 293

Passed yesterday with 788 having failed once already late last year. The exam seemed to have been revised since last time I took it, many of the questions were less wordy without the lengthy paragraphs to read for each question. Last year, I just about ran out of time, however I finished this comfortably in 2 hours with an hour left to spare. There were 45 questions and I counted about 10 sims!

I spent ages studying for this, not wanting to fail again. Although the exam appears to have been revised it is still in my opinion much harder than the 291 was. That said, I work a lot with the materials on the 291 but I have no enterprise exposure to NLB/clustering or PKI, so much of my revision was lab work.

I used CBT Nuggets, came across Wedge's study notes which are excellent, and MotoGP's lab links, but also I put my Technet subscription to good use to lab up what I could.
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  • MSNinjaMSNinja Member Posts: 26 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Congrats! Good score (same as mine...) ;)
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    Congrats. I have noticed several people have been posting that 293 may actually be the new beast out of that cert track. A lot of people from smaller shops have trouble with the 293.
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  • gatewaygateway Member Posts: 232
    Yes I have read quite a few posts stating this. I have to say though that having completed the MCSA, the 293 and 294 material is more technical. The MCSA material looking back all seems that you are tested more on basic concepts and features (with the exception of DNS on the 291 maybe?). I'm looking forward to finishing MCSE. 294 and 298 to go.
    Blogging my AWS studies here!
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    Well done :)
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    Congrats on the pass! Glad to see the links helped, I hope to knock this out in 2 weeks, had to push it back again with work requirements. I do like the new layout as well, NLB and Clustering were my lowest on the test printout, so hopefully I can get those burned into my head. We don't use those services here, so it is all labbing and reading for the most part.

    Second shot is out at the end of this month unless MS extends it, FYI.
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