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Pg. 420 on the MS PRESS book is asking for us to create and execute winrs command that provides a list of all local groups on a remote client running windows 7.

I am assuming the command for this is:

winrs -r:computername -u:UsernameOfAdminAccount net localgroup

Whenever I run this command I get an error that says:
System error 1312 has occurred.
A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated.

All other commands work such as: net user, net view, and net accounts

Anyone have a clue what could be causing this?


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    I tried your generic example there and the result I got was that it asked for a password. Add the password in your command, it may help. I also googled error 1312 and even though it wasn't winrs I get a link to the problem was fixed by inserting the password.
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