Network+ after 70-291

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Just out of curiosity, how hard would it be to pass the Network+ after getting the MS 70-291? I just need 1 elective to get my MCSA and I'm trying to find the fastest route possible before continuing on with the MCSE track.


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    Anybody done this?
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    I have passed the N+ and I have looked at the objectives for the 291 IMO it wouldn't be to difficult. The N+ isn't a hard test.
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    Some of it should just be review. You'll need to study your ports and cables (speed,lengths)
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    I have some study material for the 2005 version. Would I be able to still use it for the new exam or has it changed too much? What are the big differences between the 2005 version and the current version?
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    I'd get a book for the more recent version. Some of the material will be different, look at the objectives.
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    Books are pretty cheap. Bust out that wallet and spend the $30. Far cheaper than retaking the test.

    I found CompTIA Network+ Certification Study Guide, Fourth Edition (Certification Press) (9780071615389): Glen Clarke: Books to be an excellent tool, as have others that I have recommended it to.

    The 291 might cover some of the LAN information, but Network+ is also going to be talking about WAN's. Also you are going to need to learn the different medium's. (What they are, what they are called, speed limitations, and distance limitations) Something that I don't believe was covered with 291.
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    Are you asking if one can pass N+ with only the knowledge gained from 291? If that is the case, then NO.

    I took 291 before I did Network+. 291 was an ok foundation but there is no way I would have passed based on the material I learned from 291 alone.
    When I took the N+, there were questions about tools (ie butt set, toner probe, etc), ports, OSI model, network topologies, and network mediums just to name a few. There is definitely a lot of information that you need to know that 291 doesn't even scratch the surface of.

    I used a Sybex N+ study guide to help study, and I passed the first time with a 850.
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    I got my MCSE for 2003, and then I took my Security+ and now I am working on my Network+. You cannot pass the Network+ JUST from the 70-291 info, but you certainly are well on your way. I plan on studying for a few weeks and then I will take the Network+ test. All you need to do is buy a good book and cram cable lengths and types and the OSI model and you should be ready to go. You already know a great deal of the info on the exam just from 70-291.
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    I got my MCSA by (almost) doing the same route as you, I passed all my Microsoft exams and took Security+ as my elective. I have just spent two weeks doing Network+ and it is not as difficult as the Microsoft exams, those questions are definately longer and more complex, no gimmes or easy ones like what port number is FTP or LDAP etc. Todd was spot on, know the 7 layers and all the apps upside dowm, inside out, but also make sure you are good at subnetting then you'll be laughing. Good luck. I used the official book which was fine and also the test questions on this site helped me too.
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