What's the easiest MCSA elective?

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After finally passing the 70-291 this week, my brain is pretty fried. However, I really want to get my MCSA knocked out ASAP. I'm looking for an elective now to finish up, but I can't decide which one to go with. Out of all the possible electives, which one would take the least amount of study time? I'm thinking Network+, although it feels like a step backwards after the 291.


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    If you already have A+, why not go Net+. I don't think it is really a step backward, just different information. Plus, get it for life.

    Ideally, you would want to take what would be the most valuable to you and your career.

    EDIT: Or maybe go SEC+. More work, but you might not feel it to be a step down. Again, the life thing comes to mind.
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    Any other suggest?

    I'm in the same situation... I want to pass an "easy" one as elective to get the MCSA 2003.
    Than go trough 70-648 to upgrade to MCTS Win2008

    Than I want to study for a tough one Exchange 2010 Configuring... 70-622, since I don't have experience on Exchange and I will not work on it in the near future, I suppose that is better to learn the latest version of it...

    EDIT: Wow! I realized just now that I don't need any elective! X-D
    I just own an MCSA 2000 and it will be considered as elective! icon_smile.gif
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