When will Win2K certs be phased out?

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I am planning to become a MCSA by the end of the year on the Windows 2000 track. I know I eventually have to upgrad to the 2003 track but would still like to pursue the 2000 track as I have much more experience with it. Can someone please tell me whether I can pursue this track before Microsoft decides to no longer validate the 2000 track.


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    i thought mr. webmaster explained it well to me so i am qouting what he said to me just about 3 days ago
    it might actually be logical to do MCSE 2003. It depends a lot on the schedule you've set for yourself, if you are planning on becoming MCSE this year, I would go for 2000. You'll have more chance finding a job with 2000 since most companies won't upgrade their 2000 to 2003 for a long while. You can gain some experience in the field for 1 or two year, and then take the 2 required upgrade exams (which would automatically also update your MCSA 2000 to 2003) to become MCSE on 2003, and then you have more chance of actually finding a job where you'll use 2003, when companies eventually upgrade for example. You won't be too late with 2003 and still be able to get a job and get some experience with 2000 to really kick some butt when 2003 is the OS.

    hope this helps
    personaly i would go with 2000 and then upgrade
    2003 is just like 2000 but new features and new terms it is like what is the difference between 95 and 98 i would say not alot but 98 is better because i deals with stuff better but the idea is the same
    now if you tell me what is the difference between windows 3.1 and 98 then there is alot of difference

    just an idea
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