I passed

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icon_cheers.gif I took the test this afternoon. Took me about an hour and a half of test time. Total time was about 2 hours, but that is also considering that I got started late, did the survey, and left comments.

As far as the test went, the material was different than I expected. I spent a ton of time working to prepare for things that didn't really come up on the test. Then there were also a couple of things that never came up in my college class, the ms pressbook, or cbt nuggets. Overall I thought the test was pretty easy and pretty basic. My score didn't reflect that feeling. 775, so not my best work, but I'll take it.

This concludes my 600 mile journey, at least it was a successful one.

Beast, here I come!
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    Again I would like to thank everyone for providing answers to all of my silly questions that I've had.
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
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    earweed wrote: »

    Thanks :D
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    If I may ask, where do you go to school?
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    Blogging my AWS studies here! http://www.itstudynotes.uk/aws-csa
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    I don't claim to be an expert, but I sure would like to become one someday.

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    Deesiel wrote: »

    If I may ask, where do you go to school?

    It is in Minnesota.
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    Congrats man, I knew you would pass. You still taking the 291 by the end of the month?
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    I've decided there is no reason to push it. Based on the way that the weeks fall, plus getting time off of work I only think I would be able to take it once before June 30th. So having a second shot voucher would be worthless. I'll hold off and consider the first or second week of July for test time.
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    Congrats man! Thats what I'm talking about! :D

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    Well done :)
    We responded to the Year 2000 issue with "Y2K" solutions...isn't this the kind of thinking that got us into trouble in the first place?
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    Congrats! I'll see you in the 291 forum :)
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    Good job!!!icon_cheers.gif

    Your hard work paid off. See you in 291!

  • someehsomeeh Member Posts: 143
    Good job dude! I failed it twice, so I'm going to reschedule before the ending of this month for the 2nd shot. I'm just being lazy about it lol
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    Thanks to everyone

    @someeh Good luck. I can't think of any other advice for you without potentially breaking NDA. Make sure you get a good nights rest and study away. The CBT nuggets were pretty good. I believe they are $200.
    Decide what to be and go be it.
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    Congrats! Seems we started tackling this exam about the same time. I passed the test myself a couple of days ago.
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